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Fencing equipment from manufacturer: blades and guards. Lames et gardes pour l'escrime. Fechtsportartikel: Klingen und Glocken. Клинки и гарды для фехтовального оружия. 击剑器材:剑条和护手盘                          

 Welcome to the website of PrJSC " Metalware Plant «Dynamo»", Lugansk!

106Thank you for your interest  to our establishment! We are glad to see you here with us!

About us:
Metalware Plant "Dynamo", PrJSC, is situated in Lugansk, Ukraine. It is one of the leaders in sport equipment production in Ukraine and abroad.  The products of trade mark  "Dynamo" are well-known to companies, specialized at sports goods selling, more than in 60 countries worldwide.

Today, as before, "Dynamo- Lugansk" is:

- an independent firm with full-cycled manufacture, being noone's affilated branch;

- a smooth-running  company with a high-qualified experts team;

- a  large plant in the centre of Lugansk (near the Railway Station) with its own factories, workshops, machines and an area of 1.4 hectares;

- a manufacturer of high-quality sport gear and a supplier of sport equipment for the CIS,  the Baltic States, Europe, Asia, the USA, Africa and Australia;

- unique technology of metalware producing with a control at every stage.

We offer:

- fencing goods (TM "Dynamo, Lugansk)

* sport fencing weapon assembled (so-called fencing gear of Lugansk plant)

* souvenir fencing weapon assembled

* historical weapon and weapon for combat stages assembled

* plain sabre blades and V-shaped sabre  blades (sabre S-2000, made in Ukraine)

* electric and practice (non-electric) epee blades (famous "Lugansk blades")

* electric and practice (non-electric) foil blades (well-known "blades of Dynamo plant")

* wired and unwired blades of all sizes (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

* blades for souvenir, historical and theatrical weapon

* epee, foil and sabre guards for fencing weapon

* fencing weapon parts of leading Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers ("Dynamo", "Allstar", "Uhlmann", "Leon Paul", "PBT", "StM", "Lammet")

* coloured coating of fencing blades


-weightlifting goods  (TM "Dynamo, Lugansk)

*weightlifting bars; powerlifting bar; women's bar, technique and W-shaped bars

* rubbered and metal (powerlifting) discs, "Elit-Chromium" class

*adjustable dumbbells


-sports hall equipment  (TM "Dynamo, Lugansk)

*gymnastic bar

*steel volleyball systems and tennis posts

* professional bench press

* stands for discs and magnesia

* dumb-bell stands



* chromium coating

* nickel coating

* sand blasting


Our service:

- fencing and weightlifting gear production,  sports hall equipment manufacture, galvanics;

- bulk and retail sales inside Ukraine and abroad, to companies and individuals;

- avia- and courier delivery  of  our products;

- providing of all necessary documents for all our goods (including the Quality Certificate and the Certificate of Origin)


Contact us:

PrJSC  "Metalware Plant "Dynamo" has been manufacturing professional sport equipment for more than 70 years . Choosing "Dynamo" products, you choose quality, traditions and style. Like a half a centure ago, we can say witrh confidence:  "Dynamo" is reliability, responsibility and excellent service.

 We highly  appreciate our partners and will be glad to see you among them.  If this information is interesting for you, contact us by phone numbers or e-mails, mentioned at site. We will attentively consider any your offer and surely find the mutually profitable solution that will lead to successful cooperation.




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 dir_01A message from the general manager of PrJSC " Metalware Plant «Dynamo»" 
Let me thank you for your interest to our company!
 It is historically noted , that from the second half of 20th century, "Metalware Plant «Dynamo»" has been the only one in territory of the former USSR and one of the leaders in the world of fencing-weapon manufacturing. 

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The European Times at Dynamo

The European Times at Dynamo. 

Livia Czerovszki and her colleagues, the journalists of the European Times, visited our company last week. 

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Presentation Video
A presentation video about Dynamo: Click to see on YouTube
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Aleksandr Rybalko’s Visit to Dynamo

Alexandr Rybalko’s Visit to Dynamo.

A famous smith and engineer, Alexandr Rybalko visited Dynamo discussing virtuosity of maraging blades production.

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Information about Issuer

Full name of issuer - Private Joint Stock company "Metalware Plant "Dynamo"

Privacy form - private joint stock company

Issuer's ID - 24193268

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Cup NABBA of Ukraine
May 12 in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine has passed Cup NABBA bodybuilding and fitness on the 350th anniversary of the city.
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